Had a fantastic time this past Saturday (10/25) teaching Monoprint Journaling at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City.  Having just returned from a trip out east to visit my daughter, I was a little overwhelmed to find myself in a classroom so quickly, but it all went beautifully!  I think I’m finally starting to settle into this whole teaching thing. 🙂 I was so happy to welcome several out of town students – Sally from Wichita, the Stillwater girls :), and Kathy from Anadarko; plus several returning students – Sharyn, Fran, and Rosemary.  Everyone clicked like they’d known each other forever – it was a fantasticRead More →

In 2007, I went on an incredible trip to Vermont with Women’s Quest.  I was at an all-time peak, health-wise, and was sort of aching to spread my wings both emotionally and physically.  It was a terrifying and exhilarating adventure and it was the first time I was exposed to a group of women who truly seemed to understand and share my ideas around positivity, self care, holistic health and other so-called “new age” ideas.  It was also the first time I thought about how the words and ideas of great thinkers might serve as a guiding light in my life, it’s where the “WisdomRead More →

I’ve been stretching myself the last two weeks working with Regina Lord’s Expressions class!  Week two had us painting faces, which seemed much easier to me than sketching them.  With sketching, I struggle to get the shading to look anywhere near natural and, while I’m still learning to blend paint, I think I’m making better progress.  I’ve at least gained enough confidence to graduate to the little journal I shared in the last post – the face here is the second in that book! For this one, I used craft paints and I love the colors, but the consistency of the paint is just too thinRead More →

I’ve been working through Regina Lord’s Expressions class and am learning SO much. I’ve always said I can’t do portraits, but the truth is I never actually tried that hard. This year, I was determined to make the effort and I’m quickly realizing my biggest hurdle is making time to practice! The problem is, I am pretty easily distracted.  In one of the videos this week, Regina showed different journals she likes to use in her work and the shiny idea of creating a new journal distracted me completely from making faces. I just can’t resist a fresh new journal! Since this was my firstRead More →

There are times when my head is full like a dark, brooding sky just before a torrential rain. And other times when it’s as empty as the cotton candy wisps floating high on a lazy summer day. The slightest hint of containment seems to send all my thoughts & ideas scurrying, like a wild kitten threatened with a cage. The times when the ideas flow easiest are those when there is no tangible way to capture them… an empty-handed morning walk, sleepy thought-whispers in the middle of the night, shower inspiration that disappears the moment my fingers touch the towel. The trick I think isRead More →