Back in April, I ran across an opportunity to take a short little class on paper marbling with artist, Kerri Shadid, this year’s artist-in-residence at the Oklahoma City Skirvin-Hilton.  It was a truly awe-inspiring experience and I came straight home and tried to duplicate what I’d learned with very mediocre results.  Just as I was beginning to despair, along came Barb Skoog’s online class, Clouds on Water!  Barb brought it all together in the most lovely way and I just soaked up every second of that learning, marbling every possible minute I could and cranking out page after page of beautiful marbled papers.  THAT is whenRead More →

This round of books are all Gelli® print books.  I fell in love with monoprinting several years ago when I took a printing class at a retreat.  In that class we used ceramic tiles as our printing plate and I still love that occasionally for more abstract types of prints.  The Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate won my heart when it came out a few years ago because it allows you to use a variety of tools (like stencils – one of my favorite things) to create wonderfully detailed prints.  There may be as many ways to use these plates as there are fish in the sea!Read More →

Books 16 through 20 are what I call “unconventional” books – made out of unexpected and very non-traditional materials!  The truth of the matter is I use very few traditional materials.  You won’t find much davey board in my studio, very little bookcloth, no fancy paper piercing tools – I just love to improvise with what I have on hand. 16/100:  First up is one of my Business Card boxes.  I had been on a retreat in New Hampshire and collected dozens of darling little Moo cards.  If you’re not familiar with Moo, they are a printing company out of Rhode Island, who makes mini-sized business cards (amongRead More →

Books 11-15 are what I’m calling “gift books” – all have been gifted in one way or another. 11/100:  This is an older book, but another favorite because I made it for my eldest niece’s wedding in 2012.  She asked for a book that would allow her guests to sign with their birth dates and this is the book I came up with.  Most of the papers are scrapbook papers, the spine is a deep purple corduroy fabric and the month pages were created on the computer and printed on 24lb ivory cotton paper.  The video below is a complete flip-through of this lovely littleRead More →

This next set of books are all what I call “remnant books” – meaning I used leftover bits and pieces to make them.  I’m always cutting up larger pieces of blank paper to fit my books and I end up with all sorts of smaller strips.  I hated throwing those away, so started making some fun little mini-books and oddly shaped books out of them.  I also adore collecting monoprinted scraps, security envelopes and other beautiful pieces of this and that – these books are heavy on those collected bits… 6/100:  This is one of my favorite books I’ve made in awhile!  It’s patterned after theRead More →

I’m on a mission to bind 100 books!  It’s highly possible that I’ve made 100 books over the course of the 7 or 8 years I’ve been making them, but I’ve never started with a #1 and counted all the way to #100 and I’ve pretty much limited myself to a handful of book forms.  I’ve decided it’s time to branch out! Since I just finished book #20, I thought I’d better take a moment to document what I’ve done so far.  Today’s post will cover the first five and I’ll be back over the next few days to share the remainder! 1/100:  This little book isRead More →