Every time I go to this place in the Arizona Desert, I bring home some esoteric new gift to add to my lifestyle toolkit – this trip, it was the idea of balance. I’ve long been interested in the idea of balancing body, mind and spirit, but I never really thought about it in concrete terms – it was more of a hazy idea; something to do with moving my body, keeping my mind sharp and finding my own way to spirituality. This trip, something clicked on a deeper level.  I wrote not long ago about using prayer flags to balance air, space, fire, waterRead More →

My inner sci-fi lover has been driving my reading selections this summer and has had me immersed in books about space travel, apocalyptic societies, time travel and, most recently, parallel universes.  In physics, they call this the “many-worlds theory” and it suggests that, every time we’re faced with a choice or diverging path, a new universe spins out for each possibility.  In other words a new universe is created where the choices we didn’t make play out. It boggles my mind a little to think of all the diverging paths my life has taken – marry at 16 or go to college, work for AT&TRead More →

Megan shared the video below with me today and I just had to pass it along – before you press play, though, consider these visible sound phenomena… Ultrasound:  ever wonder how those in utero fetal pictures work?  It’s sort of like the way bats “see” – by bouncing sound waves and their echoes off mom’s insides to construct an image of baby. SONAR:  same basic bat principle is used underwater to navigate, communicate and detect other objects (like enemy submarines and such). Synesthesia:  a perceptive ability that allows some people to “see” numbers, letters, days of the week, etc. as colors. Sonic Booms:  under certainRead More →

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ-aWFYT_SU&w=560&h=315] Have you heard about this?  Zcorp, out of Burlington VT, has released a consumer version of their 3d printer.  This printer uses a powder with a binding agent to print actual objects – like machine parts, tools, and much more.  The finished objects seem to be plastic-like and they’re limited in size to the size of the printer, so you couldn’t actually print out a couch or a car (though you might be able to print out some of the pieces).  You also have to have the skill and technology to either scan (in 3d) the object you want to duplicate or architectRead More →