There’s no getting around the fact that I am a better person when my body is clean and clear. When I’m drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods and breaking a sweat every single day, I’m just a better version of myself.  I’m also a happier, saner person when the space around me is clean and clear too. Working in a small studio, the thing I struggle with THE MOST is finding a clean/clear space to work on.  Any time I start a project, I end up with every possible inch of space FULL and overflowing.  It didn’t used to be like that – I used toRead More →

One of the biggest gifts I gave myself this vacation was a technology break. I love technology – happily refer to myself as a geek/gadget girl, but since adding iPhone to my life a few years ago, I think I’ve become far TOO attached to my tech.  On a normal pre-vacation day, I would wake up and check email and Facebook, get lost in my blog reader or Pinterest, and find myself still lounging in bed at 10am, with 50% or less left on my charge from the night before! Canyon Ranch boasts a cell-free campus, at least in public areas, and I took itRead More →

Ahhhh – a day meant to be spent outside or at least with the windows thrown wide open.  I found my way to a new yoga class yesterday and my muscles are a little sore today, but that didn’t sway me from a looong walk at the nature center this morning.  It seems everyone else had the same idea because the park was busier than I’ve seen it in awhile; full to the brim with Okies loving springtime!  I fully intend to get myself outside a little every day for the next few weeks.  I want to soak in every possible bit of beautiful beforeRead More →

A few days ago, I realized I was going to come completely unglued if I did not do a little organizing in my studio!  I started with the first logical step – DESTRUCTION!  I think I have a talent for it. 😉 In truth, I started with thinking about how I use my space and the things I keep in my space.  I took a good hard look at things that had been sitting untouched and then I mercilessly trimmed everything that had outlived its usefulness.  I have to admit, this took a little soul searching – I started out as a paper artist andRead More →

“The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~Henry Ells Some sort of bug laid me out yesterday and all my plans had to be set aside once again.  I suspect it might have been the universe reminding me not to chase perfect.  Since I’ve spent most of the week since we got back shopping and prepping all sorts of healthy snacks and such – without even a moment in the art studio, it was probably timely.   Some lessons bear repeating – again and again and again. One of the more interesting experiences of last week was myRead More →

I’ve neglected my art journal terribly over the last couple of weeks.  In my defense, I may have been a little preoccupied, but finally (during a studio cleaning frenzy Sunday afternoon) was able to get some stuff down.  So love when I let go of “mistakes” and just appreciate the way things come together when I use whatever I happen to put my hands on.Read More →

Somehow I had fallen away from art journaling over the last year or so.  I’ve been making lots of journals – but not putting too much into them.  I know the healing power of this medium – but had turned my back on it, thinking I didn’t need healing anymore since my major problem (my former job) had been solved. The thing is, life is a journey.  Every step leads to the next and on it goes until the end of our days.  My leaving AT&T was just another step in my journey and, while I am enjoying retirement with all my heart, it hasRead More →

“your handwriting. the way you walk. which china pattern you choose. it’s all giving you away. everything you do shows your hand. everything is a self portrait. everything is a diary.” ~Chuck Palahnuik Judy has me doing a little sketching this week, which is kind of remarkable.  I sort of know how to compose a face, I just tend to think they look silly so I don’t often go there.  Okay, I never go there.  But this week I’m going with the flow and Judy’s prompting and it’s not so bad.Read More →