I don’t know about yours, but my family tends to be a little scattered. We’re busy, some of us live outside the city, life just gets in the way and we tend not to get together as much as I would like – which is one of the main reasons I started Family Art Day. That and my absolute LOVE of sharing the creative process with anyone who shows an interest! We get together about once a month to visit, share a meal, and make something pretty. We’ve been a busy bunch this past summer and have gotten a out of our once-a-month rotation, but the recentRead More →

There’s no getting around the fact that I am a better person when my body is clean and clear. When I’m drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods and breaking a sweat every single day, I’m just a better version of myself.  I’m also a happier, saner person when the space around me is clean and clear too. Working in a small studio, the thing I struggle with THE MOST is finding a clean/clear space to work on.  Any time I start a project, I end up with every possible inch of space FULL and overflowing.  It didn’t used to be like that – I used toRead More →

I took a few days off from book making to do some clearing and organizing in the studio. I am a pretty devoted packrat and find that a good purge every 6 months or so does me a whole lot of good. It not only clears the clutter but it somehow clears my head too! This time around, I’m being somewhat guided by the book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo. I won’t profess to have read the whole book, but I did grab one major tenet, which is “keep only what you truly love” – along with its partner, bring in only whatRead More →

Happy New Year!  I know I’m a little late to the party, but it’s been busy, busy around here!! The whole gang came for Christmas… And somebody gave us a super-special surprise!! We had grand-puppies and a best girl visiting for a big, happy chunk of December! We sent my nephew off to the Air Force!! And I kicked off my year of “one class a month” at My Heart’s Fancy – more on that soon! While my daughter was here, she and I sat down and wrote some goals. She went all-out and wrote a 10-year plan!  I just thought about time wasters I want toRead More →

On a warm day last spring, as we sat sipping coffee under an umbrella at our local Starbucks, my daughter shared the news that her partner had decided to accept a spot in a PhD program in Vermont – some 25ish hours NE of home and an unfathomable distance from ME. I’ve spent the time between then and now diligently trying not to think of her leaving and I got pretty good at it – trying new things, entertaining family, making myself busy. But today I can hide no longer, they’ve driven away waving and promising to Skype and text and write and visit. HowRead More →

Well, here I go again with the “furniture” rearranging.  My first husband used to tease that he dare not go to sleep lest he wake and trip over the couch.  Ah well, I like to keep things new! As you’ve no doubt discovered, my home page here on onejanuaryday.com is now a gallery of current and past artwork.  The way I get things to appear in said gallery is to blog about them, so you’ll be seeing a series of blog posts over the coming days that highlight some of my latest work.  As always, if you’re interested in something, be sure to check myRead More →

Since I returned from vacation in Tucson last week, I’ve been making a point of getting outside to walk every morning, on Sunday at the nature park and today at Lake Hefner, and I have been amazed at the level of the water – we’ve been under drought conditions for so long I’d forgotten what it looked like to see them full and fat.  More rain is falling outside my window as I type this, so I’m feeling confident of a nice green spring and summer – one blessing in the wake of so much tragedy. One of the little things I brought back fromRead More →

A few days ago, I realized I was going to come completely unglued if I did not do a little organizing in my studio!  I started with the first logical step – DESTRUCTION!  I think I have a talent for it. 😉 In truth, I started with thinking about how I use my space and the things I keep in my space.  I took a good hard look at things that had been sitting untouched and then I mercilessly trimmed everything that had outlived its usefulness.  I have to admit, this took a little soul searching – I started out as a paper artist andRead More →