A few days ago, I realized I was going to come completely unglued if I did not do a little organizing in my studio!  I started with the first logical step – DESTRUCTION!  I think I have a talent for it. 😉 In truth, I started with thinking about how I use my space and the things I keep in my space.  I took a good hard look at things that had been sitting untouched and then I mercilessly trimmed everything that had outlived its usefulness.  I have to admit, this took a little soul searching – I started out as a paper artist andRead More →

For some reason, I always seem to get a little emotional the day after Thanksgiving – in that way that being all filled up makes tears and laughter sort of want to spill over.  We had an amazing day with close family!  All the girls showed up early and I literally had an ARMY in the kitchen helping me!  And when I say “all the girls” I truly mean ALL – even Trixie made a rare appearance (to much acclaim).  Let me just say I could TOTALLY get used to the idea of issuing chores and watching everything magically come together with a minimal amount of workRead More →

This is something new I’m working on – another shadow box sort of thing where I’m experimenting with dimension and found objects.  I’m not sure why I’m so intrigued by shadow boxes.  Maybe it’s something about collecting things and preserving them under glass.  When I went to the fair a few weeks ago, I spent a lot of time investigating the butterfly collections.  The ones I liked best were so very neat and precise – for me, it almost didn’t matter what the butterflies looked like when the presentation was so perfect.  I work a lot with perfection – or the trying to let goRead More →

Before… After… Step 1:  Rescue kitten from certain disaster. Step 2:  Ensure resident cats aren’t going to eat kitten. Step 3:  Learn how to SLEEP when kitten thinks sleeping is supposed to be done during daylight hours. Step 4:  Learn to love kitten despite her really poor sleeping habits. Step 5:  TEACH KITTEN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FURNITURE AND SCRATCHING POSTS (I simply cannot emphasize this enough)!! Step 6:  Play with kitten daily (and, when possible, get older kitties to play along). Step 7:  Stay out of kitty arguments (really, the middle of a kitty argument is no place you want to be). Step 8:  TakeRead More →

There are times when the journey seems more uphill, which is definitely harder than downhill, but always more rewarding in the end.  I usually just have to convince myself to trudge forward and not get bogged down in the fog and funk. Cold, wet mornings haven’t helped much, but I haven’t missed a single morning walk and today I was rewarded with a glimpse of fall sunshine!  I’m oh-so-grateful! I’ve been meeting myself coming back this week.  We’re working on an update of my mom-in-law’s condo and it has been slow, hard work (to say the least) – with much more in store before we’reRead More →

A crazy, wild windstorm came through night before last, blowing away the heat and bringing at least a temporary taste of fall!  It’s actually been chilly in the mornings and I am oh-so-grateful for the break!! I got a sneak peek at the State Fair yesterday morning when I ran down to drop off my Creative Arts entries.  Sorta fun to see behind the curtain, though VERY hectic around there with everyone busily prepping for the 9/13 opening.  I’m trying not to worry that I got some of my categories mixed up.  The rules say the judges will correct things they feel are mis-categorized –Read More →

In my last post, I wrote about “possibility” in terms of quantum mechanics, but at the back of my mind I was really thinking about possibility in general.  I was thinking about how we live in a society where virtually anything is within our reach, where every human being has a right to go after whatever dreams he or she hold dear.  I’ve seen lots of evidence that this sentiment is growing.  And, then again, for every step forward, we seem to take two steps back. A few weeks ago, when Meg I were painting Hubby’s store windows, there was a group of picketers atRead More →

Remember that bathroom remodel project I teased about oh-so-many moons ago?  Well, it’s finally finished!!!  And, oh my gosh, am I ever happy with it.  I had my first official bubble bath a few days ago and it was heaven indeed – spa central and everything smells so new!! Remember the before? Well… here it is now!!! My amazing Hubby did most of the work himself, with a tiny assist from me with the wallpaper stripping (though when I say “tiny” I mean miniscule).  We also hired a bathroom refitter to install the tub and shower – which was a bit of a painful process (dueRead More →

Miss Cleo has completely taken over around here.  If she’s awake, there is definite trouble afoot. “Go” must be her middle name because she is into EVERY-thing and EVERY-body. Poor Tuck has absolutely no peace until she finally falls down in utter exhaustion. Which is when she’s just about the sweetest kitty on the planet.  All snuggles and purrs and, well, unfortunately I do not have a nipple on my knee, but if I did, Miss Cleo would be in hog heaven!Read More →

My dad has a long-standing love of trains – as I recall the story, his father was a railroad man and Dad spent quite a bit of his childhood exploring the tracks and trains near his Ohio home.  In the years since, he’s amassed quite a collection of model trains and, as someone who adores all things tiny, those models have always fascinated me. As does the very real beauty of train travel itself, which takes you right through America’s back yards to get from point A to point B.  It’s slow (especially through the south, where passenger trains often have to pull aside forRead More →