We still seem to be making slow (tho steady) progress on the kitty-siblings front.  I won’t say we’re a big, happy family yet, but the hissing and spitting seems to be subsiding (every once in awhile anyway). Cleo is on the move AT… ALL… TIMES… (day and night, best I can tell). Tuck spends a lot of his time seeking places Cleo can’t reach. I don’t have the heart to tell him she’s going to get taller. Tucker mostly tolerates Cleo’s playfulness, but he has his limits. For now, everybody has amnesty – as long as I don’t hear anybody cry, guess it’s best toRead More →

Change is just plain scary… especially when new housemates are involved. We all need our own space… and food… and toys… and other stuff… to feel at home. Play is the great equalizer. I apologize for being so cat-crazed over here lately.  I honestly had no idea how hard it would be to bring another cat into our existing two-cat household!  Part of me is seriously questioning my sanity right about now.  We were all a big, relatively happy family – why go mess it up with a new family member?!  But Cleo was in need and I’m not trusting enough to leave her careRead More →

This little kitten had a rocky start. Hubby plucked her from certain death about 15 feet from a busy intersection. After that and a visit to the vet, she was pretty much cowering in abject terror of all two-leggeds. But we were patient (playing helped a TON) and persistent and, slowly but surely, we’re making amazing progress. We conquered food and water by the second day, the litter box was a little slower, but we have that down now too.  Cuddles (times 100) came today – she’s decided the two-leggeds in her family aren’t so bad after all. All we have left now is introducingRead More →

I think people who make the decision to dump an animal must have a sixth sense about where best to dump… say, in the park where my hubby plays disc golf (Moe), or in our front flower bed (Buster), or at the vet next to Hubby’s store (Tucker), or how about by the dumpster at Hubby’s store – about 10 feet from a very busy street? Meet Chloe – the latest addition to our crazy pet family… Either the dumpers have a sixth sense or my hubby is hyper alert to any pet in distress. It may well be the latter, but I’m really hopingRead More →

As much as I love traveling, I’m always thankful when the time comes to go home. After spending Monday night in Dubuque, I headed for Columbia MO, where I stayed in another gorgeous boutique hotel called The Tiger Hotel. Left for home early Tuesday morning and pulled in the driveway around 3:00pm. I wish I had artwork to share with you, but it didn’t really end up being a “bring a finished piece home” kind of trip. I did bring ideas home… like a renewed desire to practice yoga and learn to draw portraits. I’m also making another attempt to go gluten-free, based on theRead More →