“I’d gone through life believing in the strength and competence of others; never in my own. Now, dazzled, I discovered that my capacities were real. It was like finding a fortune in the lining of an old coat.” ~Joan MillsRead More →

I’ve been absent here again.  I pull up the admin window from time to time and always close it back down again, thinking I’m in one of those “little to say” places.  It’s not entirely true – I seem to have LOTS to say these days, it just doesn’t seem to be coming out in sentences – just fits and starts of ideas and inspiration, some of which I’m sharing over on Facebook. I got a chance to go wandering through art galleries with a friend yesterday and gathered MUCH inspiration.  Full sentences are even popping into my head!!  In fact, as I lay inRead More →

For a few years now, I’ve listened to my friends talk about entering things in the state fair and was fascinated by the idea but convinced I had nothing that would compete.  I can’t exactly say what changed this year – maybe my confidence has grown or maybe I’ve just begun to worry less about what the world thinks and trust my heart.  Whatever it was, the change is welcome!  For my first year, I think I did amazingly well and I definitely learned a few lessons… 1) Make a copy of the entry form and note which projects I mean to enter in eachRead More →

Finally slipped off to the state fair today!! Mostly it was to check out the Creative Arts exhibits and see how my entries did, but we were really excited to find the midway so empty and quiet. My memories of the fair are sort of bleached and tea-stained, like a 1974 filter – guess it’s been longer than I thought since I’ve been to the fair!! Was it always this colorful?! Lots of amazing, creative entries – of the four pieces I entered, one is unknown (nowhere to be found – maybe it didn’t place?), one took 9th place, two took first place and oneRead More →

Let’s just say that the best plans are those laid aside.  We had an absolutely wonderful week and I apologize for not giving you the play by play I promised, but I honestly found Canyon Ranch to be more consuming than I ever expected. It turned out to be a place where people really unplug, so about the only thing I used my cell phone for all week was to check the time – Hubby and I used the iPad to watch a movie on the flight out and then never turned it on again.  The Ranch itself actually has a “no cell phones” rule,Read More →

It’s official!  I have a new art shero and her name is Dina Wakley. She’s messy, she’s funny, she’s imperfect (and very proud of it), and she really loves color and knows how to teach it.  The four (yes, FOUR) classes I took with her this past weekend were truly some of the best classes I’ve ever taken and below is a run down of the goodies I came home with! First up is the fast and dirty little tag book I made in Friday afternoon’s class. For the book itself, we made what Dina calls “puke on a page” then folded it down intoRead More →

Wayne White is the creative mind behind Pee Wee’s Playhouse.  Yes – I know – but, just watch.  Wayne is a guy every artist needs to know – http://waynewhiteart.com/ or visit Artsy’s great resource on White at http://www.artsy.net/artist/wayne-white “Do what you love, it’s gonna lead to where you wanna go.” ~Wayne WhiteRead More →

I just love when something fun or inspirational crosses my path and it’s a recurring theme I keep meaning to share here on the blog.  This week a few things accumulated close enough together that I was finally inspired to act!  My plan is to collect and share these little lists occasionally, as 3-4 cool items accumulate.  Hope you enjoy!! I just adore Anthropology and this past week, got the absolute sweetest little package in the mail in celebration of my upcoming birthday.  “Me Time” – love it and definitely planning to use it since there’s now an Anthro in OKCY!!… Over the spring, myRead More →

Cleo has discovered the magnetic poetry words on the side of my fridge.  My first reaction was to move them all out of her reach, but then I got to wondering if the words she pulled down might fit together into anything interesting – so I left them and have been watching to see what turns up. Here are a few nuggets… very joyous magic sing peace powerful good universe Now, I have to admit that the words within her reach all came from a set of inspirational words, so she probably couldn’t go wrong; but, I still love it. Mostly, I love the factRead More →

I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the next Sketchbook Project! This program, sponsored by Art House Coop, collects thousands of sketchbooks from all over the world and then travels with them across the US and Canada in public exhibits where you can actually hold the books in your hands and see inside.  I participated in 2011 and it’s sort of humbling to think about my book being out in the world that way.  Someday, I’d truly love to visit the Brooklyn Art Library, where all the past collections live, and hold that book in my hands again – not to mention a fewRead More →