Every time I go to this place in the Arizona Desert, I bring home some esoteric new gift to add to my lifestyle toolkit – this trip, it was the idea of balance. I’ve long been interested in the idea of balancing body, mind and spirit, but I never really thought about it in concrete terms – it was more of a hazy idea; something to do with moving my body, keeping my mind sharp and finding my own way to spirituality. This trip, something clicked on a deeper level.  I wrote not long ago about using prayer flags to balance air, space, fire, waterRead More →

I’ve been working through Regina Lord’s Expressions class and am learning SO much. I’ve always said I can’t do portraits, but the truth is I never actually tried that hard. This year, I was determined to make the effort and I’m quickly realizing my biggest hurdle is making time to practice! The problem is, I am pretty easily distracted.  In one of the videos this week, Regina showed different journals she likes to use in her work and the shiny idea of creating a new journal distracted me completely from making faces. I just can’t resist a fresh new journal! Since this was my firstRead More →

Here we are, at long last, on the threshold of the end of the world.  Don’t buy into all the hype?  I don’t really either, but I am sort of hoping the world “as we know it” comes to an end. I mean the world that includes so much hate – gunmen who walk into malls and elementary schools and kill innocents or hate groups who use the sorrow of others to further their own goals.  There is considerable talk across the Internet about gun control and mental health care and holding someone (anyone) accountable… I’ve come to believe we’re all accountable in a way.  EveryRead More →

I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the next Sketchbook Project! This program, sponsored by Art House Coop, collects thousands of sketchbooks from all over the world and then travels with them across the US and Canada in public exhibits where you can actually hold the books in your hands and see inside.  I participated in 2011 and it’s sort of humbling to think about my book being out in the world that way.  Someday, I’d truly love to visit the Brooklyn Art Library, where all the past collections live, and hold that book in my hands again – not to mention a fewRead More →

Welcome to One January Day!  Phew – what a journey I’ve had getting here!!!  From leaving AT&T, to saying farewell to dragonfly, to starting an Etsy store, to registering a domain (yikes), I feel like I’ve walked a million miles to get to this new beginning!  I’m so very, very, very grateful that you’ve followed me over here.  This path is feeling like it needs a little more clearing and care right now, but I sense it holds a lot of promise and I’m excited to get started! You might be wondering, “why go to all the trouble of changing to a new blog?”  AsRead More →