Here we are at the last installment of my prayer flag series! In Part 1, I shared some of the history and lore behind the flags.  As I’ve made my nontraditional, gypsy flags, I’ve loved giving a nod to the Tibetan traditions; be it through color, meaning, or placement.  I plan to hang mine diagonally, between trees and shrubbery in my backyard. In Part 2, I showed you some examples of both traditional prayer flags and homemade gypsy prayer flags.  The rebellious, anything-goes nature of the gypsy flags really speaks to my artist’s heart! For Part 3, I was so happy to feature my friend KateRead More →

In 2008, I had the amazing good fortune to attend a writer’s retreat in Taos, New Mexico at the famous Mabel Dodge Luhan House, said to be home away from home for such visionary artists as Georgia O’Keeffe, D.H. Lawrence and Ansel Adams (just to name a few).  My luck was tripled when I met my roommate for that retreat, Kate Robertson!  She and I turned out to be true kindred spirits and I’ve been thrilled to see her journey evolve.  Today, she is a painter, mixed media artist, spinner, weaver AND a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach.  She’s not only making art herself, she’s helping other women become theirRead More →

I have this theory that we can go through our lives never noticing a particular thing, until one day our receptor for that thing suddenly gets turned on and it jumps into our view – we begin to see it everywhere we look.  Not just the thing, but all things related to the thing!  It’s been like that for me with prayer flags – since I started exploring them, I seem to find them around every corner.  And not just the flags themselves, but the ideas they represent – peace, healing, harmony, community, balance. Over the next few days, I’m going to be sharing someRead More →

In the spirit of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s work, 18 bloggers set out to “Plant a Kiss” in the world on April 29. We each did something we thought would spread a little extra joy, color, connection, poetry, or magic in the world. Then we watched to see what would happen! Today all of us are posting about that experience. My thoughts are below; visit to find links to all of the participating bloggers and hop around to see how each was uniquely inspired to celebrate Plant a Kiss Day. — The Plant a Kiss project has been near and dear to my heart since its inceptionRead More →

I’m passing out kisses at My Hearts Fancy today! Well, “Fortune” Kisses anyway. A couple of people have asked about making some of their own, so I thought I’d share my video tutorial again. If you make some, I’d LOVE to hear about it! Edited:  To find out more about the Plant a Kiss project, please visit More →

Oh blog, how you taunt me!!   Sooooo much easier to do quick drive-bys on Facebook than to come here and articulate a full set of thoughts and images!  In any event, I have LOTS going on these days and it’s high time I shared a little of it… Just signed up to participate in the Fine Arts Institute (FAI) of Edmond’s 5×5 exhibition.  FAI is a nonprofit community arts organization that provides education enrichment in visual and performing arts to all ages.  The show is a fundraiser and will curate 55 pieces of 5″x5″ art that will be sold for $55 each on 5/5 starting atRead More →

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been participating in Jennifer Belthoff’s Love Notes project.  In a nutshell, participants were assigned a partner to whom postcard “love notes” would be sent.  Each week, Jennifer provided a writing prompt so you had a definite something to say and the rest was up to us!  I chose to hand-craft all of my cards – the tapey card and the filmy/collagey “happy” card above are the last couple I sent out and the other two are cards I’ve received. I adore projects like this – not as much for the receiving, as for the giving.  I really took timeRead More →

I have more cool discoveries to share!!  Check ’em out… The Scrap MaBob – I am ordering one of these as we speak!![youtube] – The latest way to trade books!  Buy book, read book, register book, receive unique number to label your book with, then “release it” wherever you like (coffee shop, park bench, the bus, the sky’s the limit).  When someone finds your book, they can go to the site and write a review of it and you can track the travels of your book and/or read reviews of the book title you released.  There’s even a map of book crossing spotsRead More →