A few years ago, I discovered an amazing movement, made up of all sorts of artists, that involved sharing artwork in random places for unknown strangers to discover. The idea hit such a chord with me that I started collecting examples and I have found an amazing array… knitters, authors, rock fairies, actors, photographers, musicians, dancers, lovely-beckoners and so very much more. I love the way each of these individuals or groups have left pieces of themselves out in the wide world for random passers-by to discover and be delighted by. That’s at the particular heart of “Kind Art” – it’s that thing that someoneRead More →

I just love when something fun or inspirational crosses my path and it’s a recurring theme I keep meaning to share here on the blog.  This week a few things accumulated close enough together that I was finally inspired to act!  My plan is to collect and share these little lists occasionally, as 3-4 cool items accumulate.  Hope you enjoy!! I just adore Anthropology and this past week, got the absolute sweetest little package in the mail in celebration of my upcoming birthday.  “Me Time” – love it and definitely planning to use it since there’s now an Anthro in OKCY!!… Over the spring, myRead More →

“Your mission,” she said, “is to go out in the world and spread a little color, connection, poetry, art or magic.”  Easy enough, right?  Well, a little less easy for an introvert like me – I knew right away what I wanted to make; it was deciding how to get my little kisses out into the world that proved more challenging. Altogether, I made ~52 Fortune Kiss packages (like the one shown below), containing two little paper fortune cookies with inspirational quotes tucked inside (click here to find out how to make your own).  The little tag attached instructed the recipient to keep a kissRead More →