There’s no getting around the fact that I am a better person when my body is clean and clear. When I’m drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods and breaking a sweat every single day, I’m just a better version of myself.  I’m also a happier, saner person when the space around me is clean and clear too. Working in a small studio, the thing I struggle with THE MOST is finding a clean/clear space to work on.  Any time I start a project, I end up with every possible inch of space FULL and overflowing.  It didn’t used to be like that – I used toRead More →

There’s not much in the wide world that I love better than a good adventure.  I adore going to new cities, exploring new spaces, getting acquainted with new faces, and learning new things. I have to admit that I had not run across Danielle Donaldson until fairly recently, but when I saw her work, I was completely smitten.  Her little paintings are precious in every way!  And I’ve been wanting to play a little more with watercolor, so this workshop was tailor made. We arrived in Huntersville, North Carolina on Thursday night.  This city is home to Donna Downey Studios, where the workshop was hosted.  LetRead More →

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about teaching is that it is usually as much of a learning experience for ME as it is for my students.  I suppose that’s not a new idea – but it’s something I never really thought about until I started to teach.  As a student, I always assume the teacher knows everything about the subject they’re teaching.  The truth I’m discovering is that the best teachers are those who are open to new ideas, those who are forever students. This class was no exception – I learned proper names for some of the techniques I was teaching (likeRead More →

“I’m thinking that all it takes to make fantasy become a reality are two words: yes, please.” ~Maya Stein I think the words “yes, please” sort of sum up the whole experience of Lucky Star for me.  It all started with a little email from my sweet squammie friend, Mary.  “Wanna go to this art camp in Texas with me?” and I said “yes, please.” My very favorite kind of adventures involve road trips of the long, winding, farm-to-market backroad sort, so I drove to Dallas to pick up Mary and we traveled the rest of the way together.  I joked that I’d brought myRead More →

Every time I go to this place in the Arizona Desert, I bring home some esoteric new gift to add to my lifestyle toolkit – this trip, it was the idea of balance. I’ve long been interested in the idea of balancing body, mind and spirit, but I never really thought about it in concrete terms – it was more of a hazy idea; something to do with moving my body, keeping my mind sharp and finding my own way to spirituality. This trip, something clicked on a deeper level.  I wrote not long ago about using prayer flags to balance air, space, fire, waterRead More →

I’ve been hunkered down this summer – studying, playing, teaching.  Every time I think of coming here to tell you about all my goings-on I hesitate and the moment is lost.  BUT, here I am and so the telling begins… It has been an intensely strange Oklahoma summer – cool temps, rain and more rain.  In many ways, it has felt like a prolonged spring and I’ve truly loved it.  I’ve walked outside nearly every morning, spent long and lovely afternoons in the shade with a book, and even planted a little garden that is thriving in spite of my brown thumb!  Is this whatRead More →

It isn’t often in our mortal lives that we get a chance to hear what people really think about us, to be lifted above the day-to-day, greeting card words that some of us (namely, me) question in the brutal light of day.  It seems there is a tradition in Rugby of honoring someone special with a “Rave” – my daughter-in-law described it this way… “ruggers are very in tune to the negativity in the world because often we are the outcasts of the sports world (in America).  We know first-hand that it is far too easy to focus on all that bad energy and allRead More →

I may, once again, be in the land of Class Overload!  It’s not my fault really – I tell myself to work with the skills and tools I’ve already amassed, but I’m like a magpie – I just can’t stop collecting more!!  Here’s a list of what I have on my plate right now or starting soon… Jane Davenport – Supplies Me:  This one got me fired up about drawing faces (early classwork below).  It has a lot of supplies-focused content, but also some great instruction on portrait painting and it’s listed as a good entry point for Jane’s classes. Jodi Ohl – Behind You:Read More →