I took a few days off from book making to do some clearing and organizing in the studio. I am a pretty devoted packrat and find that a good purge every 6 months or so does me a whole lot of good. It not only clears the clutter but it somehow clears my head too! This time around, I’m being somewhat guided by the book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo. I won’t profess to have read the whole book, but I did grab one major tenet, which is “keep only what you truly love” – along with its partner, bring in only whatRead More →

I thought it might be fun to let you peek into my process of layering and masking a Gelli® plate painting. It all started with an unfinished wood cradle board, which I sanded and gessoed in white.  I also had a Gelli® plate full of a mornings-worth of dried on paint remnants – my favorite thing in the whole wide world because I adore pulling up those disparate layers, not knowing what will happen, but always pretty much thrilled with whatever I get!  I call this yumminess a “messy second” – a technique  inspired  by a student who commented, “wish I could pull up all thatRead More →

My studio reorganizing last week inspired some computer reorganizing too and I ran accross a couple of abandoned poems.  Here is one of them all polished and shined for you. 🙂 Love Anyway by Kelley Walker What if girls were like flowers… tiny purple ones that get lost in the grass, fat pink ones that hang heavy on their stems, cheerful yellow ones that herald spring, brilliant orange-red ones that dazzle the roadside. Flowers don’t need the world to make them whole, to make them proud, or thin, or smart, or pretty. They only need to rest quietly beneath the earth until the time comes toRead More →

I’ve been absent here again.  I pull up the admin window from time to time and always close it back down again, thinking I’m in one of those “little to say” places.  It’s not entirely true – I seem to have LOTS to say these days, it just doesn’t seem to be coming out in sentences – just fits and starts of ideas and inspiration, some of which I’m sharing over on Facebook. I got a chance to go wandering through art galleries with a friend yesterday and gathered MUCH inspiration.  Full sentences are even popping into my head!!  In fact, as I lay inRead More →

Chilly sunshine peeking over rooftops Sleepy leaves resting at the roadside Traffic and mowers and birds singing their morning songs My shadow stretching long across a neighbor’s yard The rhythm of my footsteps sounding off the pavement Sprinkler puddles reflecting trees and sky and the occasional fence Heat rising as I approach the final block A feather treasure slipping into my pocket Ideas rushing for expression before the final step.Read More →

There are times when my head is full like a dark, brooding sky just before a torrential rain. And other times when it’s as empty as the cotton candy wisps floating high on a lazy summer day. The slightest hint of containment seems to send all my thoughts & ideas scurrying, like a wild kitten threatened with a cage. The times when the ideas flow easiest are those when there is no tangible way to capture them… an empty-handed morning walk, sleepy thought-whispers in the middle of the night, shower inspiration that disappears the moment my fingers touch the towel. The trick I think isRead More →