Ahhhh – a day meant to be spent outside or at least with the windows thrown wide open.  I found my way to a new yoga class yesterday and my muscles are a little sore today, but that didn’t sway me from a looong walk at the nature center this morning.  It seems everyone else had the same idea because the park was busier than I’ve seen it in awhile; full to the brim with Okies loving springtime!  I fully intend to get myself outside a little every day for the next few weeks.  I want to soak in every possible bit of beautiful beforeRead More →

Oh blog, how you taunt me!!   Sooooo much easier to do quick drive-bys on Facebook than to come here and articulate a full set of thoughts and images!  In any event, I have LOTS going on these days and it’s high time I shared a little of it… Just signed up to participate in the Fine Arts Institute (FAI) of Edmond’s 5×5 exhibition.  FAI is a nonprofit community arts organization that provides education enrichment in visual and performing arts to all ages.  The show is a fundraiser and will curate 55 pieces of 5″x5″ art that will be sold for $55 each on 5/5 starting atRead More →

Several years ago, I starting making all of my Christmas cards and it’s something I have come to really look forward to every year.  I tend to start the week of Thanksgiving (in between cleaning and cooking), cranking up the Christmas music and popping into the studio from time to time to intuitively match things up, move things around, and see what happens! My cards this year are a widely mixed batch!  I’ve been collecting ideas and papers and ephemera since post-Christmas LAST year and have ultimately amassed enough goodies to make at least a hundred cards!!  Thankfully, I don’t have that many to do, butRead More →

Have you ever looked in a mirror and wished for a different body?  Have you ever thought your life would be easier if you were thinner?  Have you ever wished for a place where the size and shape of your body were secondary to what’s inside your heart? Last spring, my good friend Linda invited me and a whole bunch of other amazing artists from around the world to participate in a benefit art show for Ophelia’s Place – “a non-profit organization committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities to redefine beauty and health through initiatives that increase self-esteem, improve body image and introduce alternativesRead More →

Spent the weekend pretty much in bed recovering from the stomach flu (ugh to the nth degree), so am feeling pretty energetic today!  Was able to pick up my fair exhibits – promise to share a few last thoughts on that tomorrow, bought a dress (yikes – first one I’ve owned in 3+ years) for my niece’s wedding AND finished the guest book I’ve been working on for said wedding – here’s a little peek… [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1a5FMmWqWk]Read More →

Hello out there!!  Sorry I’ve been so absent around here.  Lots going on, but words and images have seemed to escape me.  In any event, here are a few fun/exciting things I have on my Drawing Board right now… I’m teaching a class!!  I’m so excited to be teaching a stamp carving class at my favorite paper art store at the end of September.  If you’re in the area, please sign up – you’re gonna love it!!  Click here for details of my “Sweet and Easy Stamp Making” class. I’ve also been taking an actual in-person class!!  My local Vo-Tech offers all sorts of artRead More →

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you can’t really remember having accomplished anything?  That’s where I started out this morning, but the more I inventoried, the more I realized I’d actually got quite a bit done! Here’s a peek… I’ve been working on a couple of online classes – Lesley Riley’s ASAP and Julie Prichard’s Mixed Media Variety Hour.  Both suggested making/starting an idea journal and I decided to take the lazy route and picked up (yet another) Smash Book since I love the size and the format is perfect for “smashing” ideas.  Lesley’s class called for another journal to use forRead More →

Whenever my daughter visits, we spend at least the first half hour or so exploring all the things we’ve made since our last visit. That sharing time is very special to me and I thought it might be fun to make it a feature here on One January Day too – a weekly post of what I’ve been working on (even if it’s stuff in progress). That said, here’s what’s been on my drawing board this past week! I’ve been working on these little collage pieces – they still need a little something I think, but I’m decided to let them steep a little… IRead More →

Spent a most fun-tabulous Sunday afternoon at my favorite paper art store playing with junk-mail journaling! (I downloaded the I LIKE TO CUT AND PASTE STUFF graphic from Mary Ann Moss – here) Lots of cool stamps and tapes and papers and paints and goodies and IDEAS to share. Everything started with various pieces/sizes/shapes of junk mail we all brought from home… then embellished with whatever struck our fancy! If you’ve never tried this before, it’s soooooo much fun (I made the photobooth strip I used above at bighugelabs.com)!  It’s only junk mail, so the fear of “messing it up” is released and you canRead More →

I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the next Sketchbook Project! This program, sponsored by Art House Coop, collects thousands of sketchbooks from all over the world and then travels with them across the US and Canada in public exhibits where you can actually hold the books in your hands and see inside.  I participated in 2011 and it’s sort of humbling to think about my book being out in the world that way.  Someday, I’d truly love to visit the Brooklyn Art Library, where all the past collections live, and hold that book in my hands again – not to mention a fewRead More →