I’m a bit of a worrier – okay, more than a bit.  I worry over things that have happened, things that might happen, things I need to MAKE happen… but, one less thing I have to worry about now is a nice backdrop for my shop and gallery photos. Over the course of the last year, I’ve studied a lot of different perspectives on how best to display art for online sales venues – some of the things that repeat often… Shoot in natural light – early morning or late evening. Use a tripod and the lowest possible ISO setting to get the sharpest images.Read More →

Oh blog, how you taunt me!!   Sooooo much easier to do quick drive-bys on Facebook than to come here and articulate a full set of thoughts and images!  In any event, I have LOTS going on these days and it’s high time I shared a little of it… Just signed up to participate in the Fine Arts Institute (FAI) of Edmond’s 5×5 exhibition.  FAI is a nonprofit community arts organization that provides education enrichment in visual and performing arts to all ages.  The show is a fundraiser and will curate 55 pieces of 5″x5″ art that will be sold for $55 each on 5/5 starting atRead More →

Remember an oh-so-long time ago, when I teased about my book weight prototype?  I seem to be a tad bit behind on my hopeful prediction of having these in the shop by early March (yes, this past March), but better-late-than-never, right? Being an avid reader-while-eating, I’m especially excited about this lifestyle product!  I’ve been using my prototype since March and it has managed every book I’ve thrown its way – plus, weighing in at less than 3 ounces, I’ve just been tossing it in my bag without any noticeable weight difference.  The possibilities are endless too – whether you’re eating lunch while trying to readRead More →

One of the things I really struggle with in this work-for-myself-world is the actual accomplishing of anything.  I tend to talk a whole lot about all the things I want to make and do, but the action part somehow gets sucked away by book-reading, internet-surfing, class-taking, world-exploring “stuff” that never seems like it should add up to as much time as it actually does! But, as I’ve mentioned, I’m taking Lesley Riley’s ASAP class and she’s got me scheduling time for my actual work!  I’m still not cranking out enough to start doing local shows, but I DID finally finish that Business Card Book prototypeRead More →