Oh, Christmas, you sorta slay me. On the one hand, I adore you – snow (real or otherwise), lights, pretty paper, surprises for those I love! On the other hand, you wear me completely to a frazzle – crowds, traffic, the pressure to find just the right surprise for every name on my list, and the nagging feeling that I can never do/be enough. That last little bit nags me other times of the year, of course, but it seems especially strong this time of year. Then there’s the whole debate over the meaning of the holidays – merchandising efforts go into overdrive, which tendsRead More →

The idea of invisibility keeps socking me in the nose lately.  I just finished the book, “Calling Invisible Women” and found myself nodding my head over and over as the author described her declining visibility (both metaphorically and literally) within her family and career structures.   It seems the more I bring this topic up with other women, the more I find that most of us feel it in one form or another after a certain age.  I also find that just about any mother or woman in a committed relationship will say she’s felt it at some point. The book got me wondering, though, aboutRead More →

I must admit, my head has been hovering in the clouds quite a bit this week… flitting from book to book to book junk-food; avoiding “need to” projects in favor of “want to” ones.  And chores?  Forget-about-it! I’ve been much too busy dreaming and playing for anything like laundry or vacuuming. I haven’t really been able to focus much on any one thing.  I’ve been too distracted by EVERY little thing, though I did spend yesterday with a friend, stitching a new journal… Which is sort of a “need to” since I wanted a new journal to take with me to Wisconsin (week after nextRead More →