I finished up another fun class at My Heart’s Fancy this weekend and wanted to drop in with a quick recap of the gorgeous work!! We spent the first half of the day printing with the 4″ and 6″ round Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates. Mounted on acrylic blocks, these little guys are excellent for creating lots of beautiful round layers! In the afternoon, we covered our book board with our favorite prints, cut and folded signatures… then stitched it all up to make a darling little “Round In Circles” mini-book! Much fun and the books came out SOOOOOO cute! All different sizes too, because we alsoRead More →

Just finished up another round of Gelli® Scrap Folio this past Saturday @ My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City and, as usual, I brought almost everything I own! Course, this could easily be a two-day workshop – that’s why I’m working it into an online class!!  I plan to release that by April 1 and will be sharing more info in the next few weeks!! That said, I had a fantastic group on Saturday – all so eager to jump into printing and all very excited and enthusiastic about constructing this fun little folio-style book.  We started the day printing in our favorite Dina Wakely and LiquitexRead More →

When I first began creating, I was head-over-heals in love with scrapbook-everything… so many papers, so many rubber stamps, so MUCH fun ephemera!! I still love it all, but over the last several years, I’ve become more and more focused on creating my own imagery – printing my own papers, finding/creating unique ephemera and carving my own rubber stamp images. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to share my love of stamp carving with a super sweet group of ladies at My Heart’s Fancy. Becki even brought THE YUMMIEST snickerdoodles!! I have to admit, it was the first time anyone has brought goodies and I was truly touchedRead More →

What happens when you mix ten creative ladies with paint, Gelli® plates and simple cardboard?!  Magic, that’s what!! We started the morning printing – and we broke some rules, with gorgeous results… After lunch, we started putting our folio books together; cutting up those beautiful prints and piecing together the sweet spots – THAT’s where the magic starts! Finally, the books were done and, Oh My Gosh, I loved each and every one!!  So full of color and everyone’s unique personality, this might be my favorite project yet; tho, I think I might say that every time! Last, we starting filling the insides and the true heart ofRead More →

The final big event on my fall list is Lucky Star Art Camp! You may remember that I attended this wonderful art retreat / grown-up lady camp last fall and I’m over the moon excited to return!!  So, there’s the packing – what does one pack for fall in the Texas hills?  I’m thinking a little of everything? 🙂 The big work for me, though, is vendor night – aka Show and Tell night.  I’m planning a vendor table with the goodies below (and more)… PLUS, this year, campers have been invited to setup demo tables!  I’m super excited about this and have been working diligently on aRead More →

Had a fantastic time this past Saturday (10/25) teaching Monoprint Journaling at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City.  Having just returned from a trip out east to visit my daughter, I was a little overwhelmed to find myself in a classroom so quickly, but it all went beautifully!  I think I’m finally starting to settle into this whole teaching thing. 🙂 I was so happy to welcome several out of town students – Sally from Wichita, the Stillwater girls :), and Kathy from Anadarko; plus several returning students – Sharyn, Fran, and Rosemary.  Everyone clicked like they’d known each other forever – it was a fantasticRead More →

It is hot, hot, hot in the city these days, but we were cool and happy at My Heart’s Fancy last Saturday for Monoprint Bound – Live! I had the loveliest bunch of students – so creative, so lighthearted and SO ready for FUN! There was color and laughter, exploration and discovery, and best of all gorgeous finished books! I think Miss Adona’s face says it all.  I suspect MANY more books are going to be made by these gals!!  Thanks everyone for coming and sharing your beautiful hearts with me! If you’d like to make a book like the ones shown here, you’re in luck!!  I’m puttingRead More →

You may notice a new button on my menu this morning (above).  I’ve received so much positive feedback from my in-person Monoprint Bound classes (see “Gelli® Bound – Longstitch Style” below) that I decided to take a giant LEAP and turn them into an online version! I have to admit I’m a little nervous right now.  I’ve made a few videos here and there, am past the “hate the sound of my voice” stage of it (well, mostly), but this seems more daring than anything I’ve ever done before!  If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last few weeks, tho, it’s that IRead More →

What do you get when you combine eight creative souls with some gorgeous Dina Wakely acrylic paints, a variety of fabulous stencils and a handful of Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates?  Bliss, that’s what!!  That is definitely what we found last Saturday when I taught “Gelli® Bound – Long Stitch Style” at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City. I have to tell you, Dina’s new line of paint with Ranger is just to die for – just look at the brilliant color on Marie’s plate below! And it’s like rolling cream onto your plate. Just yummy!  These girls were definitely NOT afraid to try new combinationsRead More →

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about teaching is that it is usually as much of a learning experience for ME as it is for my students.  I suppose that’s not a new idea – but it’s something I never really thought about until I started to teach.  As a student, I always assume the teacher knows everything about the subject they’re teaching.  The truth I’m discovering is that the best teachers are those who are open to new ideas, those who are forever students. This class was no exception – I learned proper names for some of the techniques I was teaching (likeRead More →