Welcome back to my series on prayer flags!  Yesterday, I shared some of the symbology and meaning of traditional prayer flags.  Today I have a video for you that will briefly review some of the information from yesterday and expand on the idea of gypsy prayer flags.  I have lots of examples in this video that I hope will get your creative juices flowing!Read More →

I’ve long been fascinated with the idea of Mount Everest.  Not climbing it (I don’t have the commitment or physical stamina for that) – no, I think I’m in love with the romance of it.  I love the idea of following a crazy dream even if it means risking your life, of going someplace few have gone, and I’m in awe of the sherpas and traditions that make it possible for mere mortals to climb that sacred rock!  That tradition and symbology, especially, borders on magical to me and, as Meg and I have worked through The Artist’s Way this summer, we’ve both longed forRead More →

I’ve been hunkered down this summer – studying, playing, teaching.  Every time I think of coming here to tell you about all my goings-on I hesitate and the moment is lost.  BUT, here I am and so the telling begins… It has been an intensely strange Oklahoma summer – cool temps, rain and more rain.  In many ways, it has felt like a prolonged spring and I’ve truly loved it.  I’ve walked outside nearly every morning, spent long and lovely afternoons in the shade with a book, and even planted a little garden that is thriving in spite of my brown thumb!  Is this whatRead More →

Yesterday’s Gelli® Journaling class was just a dream, filled with texture and color and discovery and excitement!!  Something magical seems to happen to me when I step in front of a classroom – my insecurities fall away, the volume of my voice increases (a little anyway), my confidence multiplies.  It’s like I’m suddenly new and so full of information I can’t get it to spill out of my mouth fast enough (I may need to learn to temper that last bit ;)). There’s a two-way energy that occurs – I get to fill the wells of my students and, if I do my job right,Read More →

I had so much fun making my Fortune Kiss tutorial a few weeks ago, I thought I’d make another video on my Messy Seconds Gelli® printing technique.  This is my absolute favorite thing to do on my Gelli® plate – always unpredictable and always wonderful – art play at its finest!!! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CtXfX567s4] This is one of the techniques I’ll be sharing in my Gelli® Journaling class next Saturday, April 6, at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City.  We’ll start class by printing backgrounds in an Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketchbook; covering a number of ways to create textural, artsy and beautiful backgrounds using a GelliRead More →

Ahhhh – a day meant to be spent outside or at least with the windows thrown wide open.  I found my way to a new yoga class yesterday and my muscles are a little sore today, but that didn’t sway me from a looong walk at the nature center this morning.  It seems everyone else had the same idea because the park was busier than I’ve seen it in awhile; full to the brim with Okies loving springtime!  I fully intend to get myself outside a little every day for the next few weeks.  I want to soak in every possible bit of beautiful beforeRead More →

Saturday was my Gelli® Journaling class and we… had… a… BLAST, though I think a better name for this class might be “Gelli® Journaling Boot Camp!”  I threw a ton of information and techniques at these ladies and they never batted an eye.  Here’s a peek of how the classroom looked before the fun commenced… You might call it the calm before the storm – a torrential storm of paint-slinging, texture-stomping, stencil-loving artsy goodness!  I failed to take a photo of the table aftermath, but I did get a shot of everyone’s favorite pages.  Here they are in no particular order… Below are a coupleRead More →

I have another new class offering on the way!!  Will still be on the print making path – maybe I’ve found my niche?  Who knows – I love ALL kinds of art, but I do find I keep coming back to printing in one form or another!  This time we’ll be focused on stamp making. Students will carve the little girl you see in the lower right-hand corner from Speedball Speedy-Carve.  We’ll also cut the trees, a shadow for the little girl and a fill-in stamp to go behind the star (which is a Dina Wakely stamp) from fun foam.  I just can’t get enoughRead More →

A couple of Saturdays ago, I had the privilege of teaching my second class!!  We completed the project above – making a number of monoprints, using the Gelli Arts® printing plate; then binding them all up in a shoji-style accordion book.  Here are a few photos of the project in process… I feel so lucky to have had a class full of daring adventurers for this!  I’m absolutely CERTAIN there has been more printing going on since class.  Don’t you just love when other people get excited about something you love too?! Follow me on Facebook to see a few additional photos from class.  I’ve alsoRead More →

A couple of years ago, I indulged in a reading from “I See Your Dream Job” author Sue Frederick.  It was at a time when I was extremely unhappy with the work I was doing and completely clueless about what work I should be doing.  I was working on my yoga certification around that same time and had a vague notion about maybe teaching yoga, but it didn’t really feel quite right and I was hoping for some spark of inspiration that would point me in my right direction.  Among the many things Sue told me, the thing that stood out most was her strongRead More →