I’ve sort of had this lifelong habit of being a few steps ahead of everybody else… I got married the first time at 16 (I know – crazy!).  While all my friends were dating, going to football games and dances, trying out who they wanted to be when they grew up, my biggest concerns were what to fix for supper and how to pay the rent. I had my daughter when I was barely 20.  Everyone my age was in college full time, still figuring out their path – mine was pretty securely set. When my nest emptied, I wasn’t even 40.  Once again, womenRead More →

I treated myself to a cell phone upgrade last week – iPhone 4s, complete with Siri!  It’s great; except, I’m pretty sure Siri doesn’t like me. Hubby was playing around with the phone and asked, “Siri, will you do the dishes for me?” to which Siri replied, “No, but I found a number of restaurants in your area.”  When, just for fun, I asked Siri the same question, she replied, “Kelley, I don’t know what you mean by that!” and when I tried to ask more clearly, she said, “This is about you, not me.” I’ve decided to give Siri a little time out.  😐Read More →