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These are a few of my favorite supply resources.  Just so ya know, I’m not affiliated with any of these companies – just love their products so much I want to share them with you!

Book Binding

Paper Tape



  • Used-up gift cards, expired credit cards, defunct discount cards – these are perfect for scraping on paint or smushing down gluey things (apply glue, position, then scrape with the side of your card to remove any air bubbles and cement it in place).
  • Old Catalogs (every once in awhile, you’ll get a really thick one – like Bass Pro or Dick Blick) – these are great for applying glue or paint to smaller items; just lay your piece down on a catalog page and apply glue – when you’re finished, can turn the catalog page for a nice new start and no glue or paint contamination of your next item.
  • Non-stick Craft Sheet ––sold-by-the-foot-_p_34161.html
    I’ve ordered large sheets and pieced them together underneath with heat-resistant duct tape (hardware store) to cover my entire work table – paint, glue, whatever I’ve thrown at it wipes right off with a baby wipe or damp cloth (and sometimes a little elbow grease).

Pom-Poms & Felt

  • Pom-pom makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In my classes, I typically use the Clover brand extra small and small sets, but I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the plastic-loom-type tools. The set I’ve linked is made by Knewmart, includes four sizes, is quite a bit cheaper than Clover and actually seems a little more sturdy –
  • The BEST wool blend felt I’ve found to date AND gorgeous color palettes to choose from –


  • Based out of Oklahoma City and owned/operated by master marbler Gaylen Berry, is the foremost supplier in the U.S.

Hardware Store Art Supplies

  • Plain old beige masking tape – I use it as a base layer sometimes or just a decorative element in mixed media collage work.
  • Joint Compound – works just like just like modeling paste, only cheaper!
  • Sandpaper and sanding blocks – look for 150 grit or lower; works just like those expensive sanding blocks some of the papercraft companies sell.
  • Contractor Paper (sometimes called Red Rosin Paper) – wide, heavy brown paper that works great for temporary table or floor protection




  1. Mike Baer

    Thank you for the reference for my book cradles. I wondered why I suddenly had more orders than usual, and then I got an etsy message saying that they had seen my cradle in one of your classes, and wanted to know if I still had some. I’m glad that you like my product, and am most appreciative of you sharing where you got it.

    Mike Baer
    Baer Necessities

    1. Kelley Walker

      Kelley Walker

      Hi Mike! I hope I haven’t overburdened you!! I bought one of your cradles in the spring and have been promoting it ever since (both in my in-person & online classes). You do GREAT work at a VERY reasonable price. Thanks so much for putting such a wonderful product out there!!! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way!!

  2. Linda

    I’m doing monoprint-bound. I’m having trouble getting to the class, I’ve never had trouble before. Help….
    Thank you,

    1. Kelley Walker

      Kelley Walker

      Hi Linda – so sorry for the trouble. I’ve sent you private email in hope of resolving. Please respond to that if you’re still having problems.

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