one january day


This summer (Jun-Sep, 2017) I decided to take a break from my “shoulds” and “need tos” to focus some quality time and energy on some long-neglected “want tos.” Read on to find out where the project¬†took me…

I suspect we all find ourselves at some point stuck in a cycle of “should” – I should¬†work on that thing I promised, or that thing that’s due in September, or that thing somebody else wants/expects me to do. Of course promises, due dates and expectations are important, but taking time for ourselves is equally important… it’s time that fills our proverbial cups and makes us better able to tackle the shoulds on our list.

I finished my last big commitment for the summer in early June and decided to devote the remainder of the summer to following my curiosity. I wanted to work on some things I’d been meaning to get to, try out some new things I didn’t even know I wanted to try and follow some whims to see where they led me. This little series of projects is the result (hover over the first or last photos below for arrows to other posts)!

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